Drunk bloke left in agony for days after wedging odd item up bum ‘by accident’

A drunken man has been left in agony after getting a water glass stuck up his bum.

The 47-year-old man from Nepal, who remains unidentified, had to have it removed from his rectum.

He told emergency department workers at the hospital that he had had it inside him for three days – initially claiming it had arrived there by accident.

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However, he later confirmed that he had inserted it there himself while he was drunk.

He admitted he had done it in the name of sexual gratification.

His plight was recorded in the Journal of Nepal Medical Association – it documented how he had been unable to use the toilet for two days and was in a massive amount of pain.

Despite this, he was able to fart and there was no blood.

Solo efforts to extract the glass had been unsuccessful.

The glass was inverted inside the rectum meaning that doctors were unable to get a grip on it.

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In the end doctors had to open his abdomen in the name of exploration, before “milking” the glass out of the man by massaging his intestines.

“Milking was attempted to deliver the glass through the anus, but this was unsuccessful as the glass was high up, inverted and tightly wedged,” the journal report said.

“Hence sigmoid enterostomy was done and the glass was extracted.”

He had a surgical incision into the intestine in what is known as an enterostomy finally allowing doctors access to the lodged glassware.

After the incident, the man was forced to remain in the hospital for a week and was given the all-clear at a check-up two months later.

Abdominal pain, constipation and rectal bleeding are all symptoms of objects inserted into the anus, the most common cause of which tends to be centred around sexual gratification.

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