Eleven-year-old girl groomed by paedos through Spotify as mum issues warning

A mum has issued a chilling warning after paedophiles groomed her 11-year-old daughter through Spotify.

Rachel, whose name has been changed to protect the family's identity, didn't let her child use any other apps without parental controls but thought the platform was safe and that her daughter only used it to listen to podcasts before bed.

The parent from Stockport said she first realised something was wrong when she was notified her account had been locked for breaching terms and conditions, prompting her to check her child's email, Metro.co.uk reported.

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She said: "I saw another email in her inbox, this time from a man’s name I didn’t recognise.

"I asked her who he was and she said, 'he is one of my friends on Spotify'.

"She said she had given him her email address so they could play Minecraft together. She said he was only 12."

Rachel asked how the online relationship had begun, given that Spotify doesn't allow users to message one another.

"She told me you make a new playlist and you put your message in the title and they check the playlist and reply," she explained.

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Rachel probed her daughter for more information and eventually found out she had been uploading inappropriate images of herself.

One of her groomers had asked her to post a video of her "pleasuring herself", while another, called "I have nudes" asked her to "show a good view" of her genitals.

Rachel added: "We found another email from the man who had asked her to pleasure herself. She didn’t understand and was getting very upset.

"I felt physically sick. When I searched her name on Spotify I could see her playlist.

"We could see pictures she’d uploaded on there. They were very explicit."

Rachel called the police on 101, who said she should call 999 immediately.

She also contacted Spotify and asked them to take down the images – but said it took multiple reports of her daughter's account and the playlists before they were finally removed.

Rachel said the police said they'd never heard of Spotify being used to lure young people.

The NSPCC had also reportedly never seen this grooming method used before.

"[The police] said they would try and track down the email address of the man who asked her for a video but if he lives in another country there isn’t much they can do," Rachel said.

"That’s why I am so determined to spread awareness of this to make other parents aware as we had no idea this could happen.

"I think in my daughter’s eyes the people she was messaging were not real people."

A Spotify spokesperson told Metro.co.uk: "Spotify takes the safety of minors on our platform extremely seriously, and we do not allow content that promotes, solicits, or facilitates child sexual abuse or exploitation.

"We have processes and technology in place that allow us to detect and remove any such exploitative material. In this case, we found the imagery in question, terminated the user, and removed the content."

The website's rules state that sexually explicit content is not allowed and may result in the account being terminated.

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