Elon Musk says Kremlin is not Nice Guy Olympics over Putin being ousted

Elon Musk responded to questions about Vladimir Putin being ousted by saying "the Kremlin is not the Nice Guy Olympics".

The richest man on the planet has frequently taken to Twitter to offer opinions on the Russia-Ukraine conflict in recent weeks.

Musk sparked backlash after suggesting Crimea could be formally made a part of Russia to bring an end to the war – and was told to "f*** off" by Ukraine's ambassador to Germany.

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Today (Friday, October 21) the Tesla CEO was again sharing his thoughts on the social media website.

In a long thread replying to some of his followers' questions, one asked: "What's going to happen if Putin is removed from power/dies before the end of the war?"

The billionaire doesn't reckon that Putin being ousted or backstabbed by his Kremlin cronies will bring an end to the conflict.

He replied: "Those who want Putin removed are laboring under the misapprehension that whoever replaces him will be more amenable to peace or western philosophy, but I think this is unlikely – the Kremlin is not the Nice Guy Olympics."

In the same thread, another follower asked: "How likely is WW3 to happen?"

Musk responded: "Still very unlikely, but this is the closest we’ve been since Cuba in ‘62."

Referencing Musk's earlier thoughts on Crimea, the follower then asked whether Putin losing the peninsula could spark nuclear war.

Worryingly, Musk thinks Crimea falling back into Ukrainian hands could have disastrous consequences.

He wrote: "If Russia faced calamitous defeat in conventional warfare for something as strategically critical as Crimea, the probability of using nuclear weapons is high."

Musk has pledged to continue providing Ukraine with Starlink satellite internet, despite wanting the Pentagon to fund it and previously being told to "f*** off".

Given this and his comments regarding the consequences of Russia losing Crimea, another follower asked: "Why help fund the conflict then?"

He replied: "Russia overrunning Ukraine would destabilize the entire region, perhaps the world."

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