Europe heatwave: FIERY 35C blast to frazzle continent as plume heads for UK

BBC Weather: Thundery rain forecast across UK

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Conditions are expected to hot up in countries across western Europe over the coming week, with much of Spain and France likely to see daytime highs into the mid-30s Celsius. The sweltering conditions will see temperatures as much as 10C above normal for this time of year as the stifling heatwave sweeps up from northern Africa.

France already endured a heatwave last week when temperatures topped 30C in many areas.

However, after a brief lull in the hot conditions on Monday, the mercury is predicted to climb throughout the weekend as a so-called “heat dome” settles on the country.

A heat dome occurs when the atmospheric pressure traps warm air from the ocean overland.

The trapped mass of warm ocean air produces a “dome” and causes temperatures to rocket.

The weather phenomenon occurs mainly in spring and summer and contributes to increasingly high temperatures recorded year after year.

In the worst cases, it can cause droughts and wildfires.

Temperatures are expected to pass 30C once again across most of the country by the middle of the week, with highs of 35C expected in the south.

High humidity levels mean that it is likely to feel closer to 40C in the south west of the country, where thunderstorms are expected.

The heatwave is likely to break heat records for the month of May, particularly in southern and central regions of the country.

Temperatures are not expected to drop much below 20C overnight in larger cities.

Parts of central and southern Spain may break 40C later in the week and into the weekend, according to some forecast models.

The intense heat has already prompted thunderstorms across Europe, some of which have spilled northwards into areas of the UK.

Britain is also set to bask in blistering temperatures this week, with the mercury predicted to reach highs of 27C on Tuesday, May 17.

Tuesday will bring the warmest temperatures of the week, with East Anglia likely to see 27C, and temperatures generally warm across the country.

Sky News forecaster, Jo Wheeler, predicted that “eastern parts of the country should have a lovely day with sunshine and a high of 27C”.

By mid-afternoon on Tuesday, temperatures are expected to soar to a summery 24C in the southeast of England and remain warm throughout the afternoon.

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The Met Office predicted that temperatures in London could reach as high as 25C by mid-to-late afternoon despite persistent cloud cover.

Temperatures are expected to stay above 20C for much of the rest of England through Tuesday, although the mercury is predicted to dip slightly lower across Wales and the southwest of England.

It will be slightly chillier in Scotland, where highs of 19C are expected in some areas.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told on Monday that the coming week will be “warm” and “humid”, with an “ongoing threat of scattered thundery showers”.

This applies especially across England, he added.

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