Expert claims Prince Harry was taken aback by Queens Camilla announcement

The Duke of Sussex may have been left "taken aback" by the news that Camilla will become Queen when his father Charles ascends the throne, according to a royal expert.

The Queen made the announcement last week in a message which has been dubbed "extraordinary", stating that Camilla's future title is being upgraded from Princess Consort to Queen Consort.

In response, royal expert Richard Kay claims that Harry may have been taken aback by the decision.

Prince Charles is said to have spoken to both his sons before the announcement, allegedly calling Prince Harry to tell him the news.

Mr Kay wrote in the Mail: "It is entirely possible that Harry was taken aback by his grandmother's announcement.

"Sources close to William indicated that he was not part of the decision-making process, so it is, therefore, extremely unlikely Harry was.

"The story of the relationship between the brothers and the woman who never wanted to be their stepmother was always awkward and frequently tense."

Neither prince shared any public statements after the monarch made the announcement, but William is said to have been "supportive".

The Duke of Sussex broke his silence four days after the announcement, paying tribute to his mum Diana by praising her charity work.

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Taking the statement as a pointed reference to Camilla, Mr Kay added: "He might just as well have added 'and nor could anyone else'."

The royal expert warned that a lack of warmth on the part of Harry towards his step-mother could be interpreted as a snub.

Back in 2005, Harry called Camilla a "wonderful woman" who made his father "very, very happy".

Mr Kay said it is now hard to relate Harry's praise for Camilla with his failure to acknowledge Camilla's new future title.

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In her announcement, the Queen said: “When, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes King, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me.

“And it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

A spokesman for Charles said: “The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are touched and honoured by Her Majesty’s words.”

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Former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said of the Queen’s announcement: “This is the most extraordinary message.”

And recalling Diana’s Panorama interview in 1995, Mr Hunt added: “For Camilla, the journey from being the third person in a marriage to queen-in-waiting, is complete.”

Dickie Arbiter, a former press secretary to the Queen, said hostility towards Camilla after the 1997 death of Diana “has evaporated completely”. He added: “The Duchess has shown that she is a great support to Charles, the Queen and the institution.”

Royal author Dr Andrew Lownie said: “Camilla has earned her spurs. The Queen, who wouldn’t have Camilla in the room at one point, has become very fond of her.

“I think there’s a real sense of the passing on of the crown.”

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