Fearless pensioner, 89, floored in Asda after trying to stop shoplifter

An OAP has been praised for his heroic actions after he took on shoplifters in Asda only to be knocked to the ground by the petty criminal.

Harry Hardy – who turns 90 in December – leapt in to action while browsing the aisles of Asda in Bilton, Warwickshire, when he spotted a shoplifter trying to steal a number of items.

The quick-thinking pensioner used his shopping trolley to block the would-be shoplifter in an alcove after spotting him trying to escape with a basket full of products through the fire escape.

Mr Hardy managed to pin the alleged thief against the alcove for 30 seconds while calling on other shoppers to help – before the shoplifter pushed the trolley and knocked the OAP to the floor.

Security rushed around to the scene of the incident, but the shoplifter had already fled.

Speaking to HullLive, Mr Hardy described how he watched the shoplifter attempt to leave the store by pressing the bars on the door of the fire escape.

He said: “He couldn't get out so he tried to get back out my way, so what I did to try and stop him getting away, I shoved my trolley across the alcove.

"I was holding him, I had him for about 30 seconds.

"My trolley held him, I had him jammed between the shelves, my trolley was trapped so when he tried to shove the trolley to get out, it wasn’t moving.

"I thought: 'Yeah you b****r, you are not going to get away.

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"I had him in, he couldn’t get away, he had to get by me but he couldn’t get past my trolley. I thought: 'You are not going to get away with that.'

"In the end he shoved my trolley over and I went with it and unfortunately he escaped.”

Mr Hardy, from Longhill, Hull, said he shouted out to other shoppers to help, and was disappointed no-one else came to his aid.

While the security team at the store also left the elderly shopper unimpressed as they failed to join the scene quickly.

Mr Hardy was administered first aid at the store after he was left bleeding by the incident, while managers also gave him a £10 voucher.

An ASDA spokesperson said: "We would like to express our gratitude to Harry for his heroic actions.

"We don’t condone that he put himself at risk, but yet we are very grateful he took that stance and saved the store from a theft.

"Our security colleagues arrived on the scene within 10 seconds after the alarm was raised and our priority was to ensure that Harry was safe.

"We’re arranging for Harry to come back into store to extend our appreciation by presenting him with a hamper to show our gratitude."

Daily Star have contacted Warwickshire Police for comment.

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