Female teacher working in jail had sex phone and made more than 300 calls

A female teacher who worked in a prison has been accused of breaching trust after she brought a 'sex phone' into the jail and made over 300 calls on it.

Meredith Leyrer, 54, was assigned to a local prison to help inmates learn before their release, but she is now accused of smuggling drugs, a mobile for phone sex and money to inmates.

Leyrer was arrested and now faces charges of manufacturing and delivering narcotics, bringing contraband into a correctional facility and bringing a phone into a correctional facility, namely in Michigan.

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All of these are felonies, the most serious class of charges in the US and could land Leyrer with serious jail time.

Since last December, Leyrer had a role as an educator for the Inmate Growth Naturally and Intentionally Through Education program, known as IGNITE.

But authorities claim she soon started to abuse her role.

Sheriff Swanson called IGNITE an "education model, a culture change" but claimed to "see somebody from the inside try to take that down we have to realise that nothing is sacred".

He told the news channel the type of drug smuggling conspiracy Leyrer is allegedly involved with at the jail is difficult to undertake and those that do "use their positions of influence and trust, and they abuse it."

Leyrer was a teacher at Mount Morris High School which is an official partner with IGNITE.

It is alleged she deposited more than $630 (£490) into three inmates accounts starting in December before she began smuggling in fentanyl pills and cans of marijuana wax.

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Surveillance video from the jail allegedly showed Leyrer pass more than 100 fentanyl pills to an inmate inside a folder while they sat at a table during a lesson one day.

"This is not a teacher this is a drug smuggler who plays the role of a teacher," Swanson claimed.

He alleges Leyrer also smuggled a phone into the jail "so she could have phone sex" with inmates, adding that she astonishingly made more than 350 calls to inmates in December.

Swanson said Leyrer burst into tears when he told her how "disappointed" he was in her after her arrest, saying that she told him she had "low self-esteem" and claimed she had been "groomed" by the inmates.

Sheriff Swanson made claims that she justified her actions because of her grooming in a similar way an addict does. She remains in custody on a $20,000 (£15,569) bond.

Sheriff Swanson promised that he wouldn’t give up on IGNITE "because of a drug smuggler."

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