Four heatwaves set to roast Brits this summer with ‘African plume’ bringing 35C

Britain looks set to swelter this summer as an African plume coming the UK's way is likely to bring heatwaves blasting Brits with temperatures of around 35C.

The UK is likely to experience at least two to four periods of really hot weather due to the Azores High, a subtropical pocket of atmospheric high-pressure, and an African plume which is expected to blow masses of blistering heat across the UK this summer, according Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden.

The heatwave triggered by the African plume is expected to hit our shores during the latter half of August, seeing summer off with temperatures in the mid to high 30s.

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Two earlier heatwaves, one predicted to land in early June and the second in mid-July, are likely to push the mercury into the low to mid 30s.

UK's season of hot weather is predicted to start early too, with temperatures looking to unseasonably warm up by May, however a repeat of last year's scorching, record-breaking highs looks unlikely.

Madden said: "We are not expecting anything of a similar nature this time around in terms of record heat or temperatures hitting the 40C mark.

"However, the peak of these heat surges in June and July could see maximum temperatures ranging in the low to mid 30s, and the late summer/August heatwave could sign off summer 2023 with temperatures ranging a notch or two higher than this as a potentially 'high confidence' African plume bathes our shores with some extensive late summer heat and sunshine for many parts of the country."

Exacta Weather predict that these periods of sweltering temperatures will also be pocketed with summer thunderstorms, the risk of flash-flooding and unsettled weather due to southerly jest stream.

This southerly is expected to result in cool, almost autumnal weather, from mid-summer onwards as "significant" low pressure areas blow across the UK from the Atlantic.

For those expecting to hit the beach for some sun during these heatwaves, due to the extensive and stubborn cloud coverage expected to blow in with these heatwaves, it is anticipated these periods will be muggy and humid.

Thick cloud could hinder "any lengthy periods of sunshine" in bad news for would-be sunbathers.

However, this may change. Madden said: "It must be noted that it could also become very muggy or humid at times within these periods of heat, and due to some extensive cloud cover that could prove hard to shift and hinder any lengthy periods of sunshine.

"However, this is something that will require more analysis nearer the time and could still go in our favour if the strong summer sunshine can burn through it, but just to put these options out there and cover all potential bases on the final outcomes for this particular scenario."

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