Freezing Arctic blast to trigger four days of snow chaos in UK

California braces for a potent snow storm

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Britain faces its coldest day of the year so far on Monday as temperatures plummet below zero. BBC Weather forecaster Louise Lear warned that the sudden Arctic freeze will be a “shock to the system” for many Britons. She warned that the country faces four days in a row of snow chaos as Arctic air grips the UK.

It is thought that the freeze will make the drop in temperatures on Monday feel more like -4C in parts, making it the coldest day of 2023 so far.

Ms Lear said: “A significant cold snap will arrive over the next few days right across the country.

“We are confident that it is going to feel much colder and there will be some snow showers.

“The extent of the snowfall and how long the cold lasts remains uncertain.”

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The BBC meteorologist added: “Arctic air is pushing down, slowly but surely across the country and you will really start to feel the difference in weather in the latter stages of Monday.”

She said that the weather front will start to drag the cold air across the country on Monday morning.

Ms Lear said Monday is “when we are likely to see those snow showers developing”.

Temperatures will plummet with a maximum of 2C in the north of the country.

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The BBC presenter continued: “Into Tuesday that weather front continues to sink south across the country and the showers of snow become more widespread.

“It will be a cold start on Tuesday with widespread ice and frost, as well as snow accumulations in Scotland and down the east coast of England.

“While your thermometers may say 4C or 5C, the strength of the wind will make it feel colder – around or below freezing and that will be a shock to the system.

“The cold air remains in place on Wednesday and on Thursday, computer models right now suggest a potential for further disruptive snow across Wales, the Midlands, and into the north of England.”


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A Met Office yellow warning is in force for much of northern and eastern Scotland, as well as north-east England and North Yorkshire, throughout Monday.

A separate warning is in place for Tuesday that covers a wider area, including more of Yorkshire.

Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said that, in Scotland, cold winds could make it feel like “some of the coldest weather we’ve had since the beginning of December”.

He said up to 10cm of snow could fall on high ground each day, with up to 5cm possible in low-lying regions.

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