From posh champagne to fancy cars – the true cost of being James Bond calculated

Everyone knows that James Bond has a taste for the finer things in life. Fine wine, fast cars, expensive suits, our favourite spy has to have a massive budget to be able to afford all of this in real life.

007 is back, and everyone is loving the return of the suave spy played by Daniel Craig in the latest iteration of the franchise No Time To Die.

Known for his glamourous lifestyle, people often wonder how much it would really cost in order to look and act like Bond in real life, even for just one night.

Menswear retailerCharles Tyrwhittdelved into the daily life of Bond, and worked out how much it would cost to get the complete 007 look.

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Not including special gadgets (we assume they're perks of the job), they revealed that it would cost a whopping £598,038.

Turns out there's no Primark sweatpants and Easyjet cheap seats on his lavish list.

007's outgoings:

  • £126 bottle of Bollinger

  • £145 bottle of Macallan 18-Year

  • £567 suite in the Palazzo Gattini (one night)

  • £9,450 Omega Seamaster Diver 300M ‘007 Edition’

  • £235 Vuarnet Legend 06 Sunglasses

  • £5,900 London to Rome (First Class, of course)

  • £3,615 custom-made suit

  • £578,000 Aston Martin Valhalla

We'd hate to see his added car insurance rate and garage bills with all the scrapes he gets into too.

And it's not just Bond's shopping list that cost a pretty penny, the new film has been labelled 'the most expensive Bond film ever' costing an eye-watering £200 million.

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