Furious airline passenger says bag looked like it had been savaged by pitbulls

A furious airline passenger complained that his luggage looked like it had been “fed to a bunch of pitbulls” when it eventually emerged from the baggage carousel at Brisbane Airport.

Andrew Glykidis was on his way home after a trip to Sydney, and his brother and sister-in-law, who were on the same flight, had already collected their suitcases.

But Andrew was left waiting until all the other passengers had collected their baggage.

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The architectural draftsman was just about to give up and report the loss of his bags to the Qantas desk at the airport when his sister-in-law spotted something.

"She was like, 'Hang on, something's coming through there now’,” he told 9 News.

Andrew was pretty sure that the tattered mess on the carousel wasn’t anything to do with him. Until he took a second look.

Andrew’s sister-in-law asked him “are you sure that's not yours?” And he suddenly realised the horrible truth.

He said he felt a sickening feeling in his stomach as he exclaimed: “Holy s***, that's my stuff!"

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The shredded remains of Andrew’s travel bag had been "shoved in a plastic bag" and wrapped up with Qantas-branded orange tape.

He said the bag “honestly looked like it was fed to a bunch of pitbulls or hyenas.”

A month later, Andrew, 31, still hasn’t received compensation for the contents of his bag.

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He says that Qantas paid out 112 Australian Dollars (about £66) for the bag itself, but for the missing contents – including clothing, boots and other items that Andrew estimates as being worth around $2000 (£1,200) – the airline has been rather slower to respond.

"It's literally a merry-go-round,” he complained. "They keep saying, 'we'll escalate it, we'll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.'"

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In a statement, a Qantas spokesperson said that this type of damage is very unusual and “we suspect that the bag got caught on a baggage carousel”.

They added that they "have reached out to Mr Glykidis to sincerely apologise for the damage to his luggage” and had offered an additional $500 in compensation as well as covering the cost Andrew’s missing items.

The Daily Star has contacted Qantas for further comment.


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