Furious Parisians forcefully remove disruptive climate activist

France: Public physically move climate change protesters

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Furious Parisian drivers brutally dragged climate activists off the road on the Levallois bridge in Levallois-Perret, Paris. The protesters had brought traffic to a standstill, prompting the ire of the drivers. The driver was quickly joined by other commuters who took the matter into their own hands.

The first driver exploded with rage, telling protesters: “Don’t f***ing bother. Stand aside, for f***’s sake!”

After throwing a protester onto another climate activist, he shouted: “Don’t dare move your a**!”

The commuter was incandescent with rage, as he kicked one of them to allow a white Renault car to continue its journey.

A passer-by tried to ease tensions, placing herself between the protesters and the commuter. But the driver was adamant to free the road from what he described as a “take-over”. 

He was quickly joined by another driver who grabbed one of the two remaining protesters by the feet and dragged him off the road.

He screamed: “You’re a pain in the a**!” before adding: “Every day, you p*** me off!”

The white Renault car finally made its way through the road, with its driver insulting the two remaining climate activists who laid down on the road to block traffic. 

“Is that all you have to do?! We need to go to work!”

Another driver lent a helpful hand to the two other commuters, ordering the two climate activists to give way to traffic. 

The first driver then flew into another fit of rage, threatening to beat up the two other protesters if they dared move by an inch.

Despite the injunctions, the activists who were still sitting in the middle of the road refused to obey and appeared determined to carry out their road blockade. 

After repeatedly asking the two activists to get out of the way, the second driver grabbed another activist by his feet and dragged him out of the road.

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He shouted at him: “Are you done now?!”

The traffic finally resumed, with drivers continuing their journey after nine protesters blocked the bridge.

The climate activists have been identified as members of The French activist group ‘Dernière Rénovation’ (Last Renovation), which is calling on Emmanuel Macron’s Government to isolate buildings amid the soaring energy bills propelled by Vladimir Putin’s energy war on Europe. 

Reporting on the road blockade, the organisation said: “48% of French people fear not being able to heat themselves or pay their bills this winter and 82% support the massive renovation intervention. Civil resistance is our only chance to move a government for which private interests take precedence over the general interest.”

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