Gary Neville says BoJo ‘is as out of depth as PM as I was as Valencia boss’

Gary Neville says the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has been as poor as his football management skills.

The soccer pundit reckons Boris Johnson and co have been “out of their depth” – just like he was when managing Valencia.

Man Utd ace Gary was mocked after enduring a torrid spell in charge of the Spanish club in 2015.

And he says it reminds him of the cock-ups made by ministers during the past eight months.

The footie pundit, 45, fumed: “I’ve got no doubt how difficult it’s been in the last eight to ten months being in government.

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“It’s unique circumstances and I’ve been there when I was the leader of a football club for four months in Valencia and I was out of my depth and I was spinning and I just had to jump off the roundabout because ultimately, I was out of my depth and I didn’t know what I was doing.

“That’s what I feel in the last eight months I’ve seen in the leadership of this country.”

Boris and his team have been blasted for a series of blunders including the lack of PPE and mass confusion over the lockdown rules.

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The latest mess has seen MPs repeatedly contradict each other over whether a scotch egg constitutes a “substantial meal” for those visiting pubs in Tier 2 areas.

Ex-England defender Gary said: “The countries who’ve dealt with this really well they’ve had definite and sure leaders, people who have been in control, composed, clear plans, clear communication strategy, aggressive testing, disciplined tracing, they’ve had maybe border controls in place early, they’ve made decisions that have been unpopular at times, but they’ve really handled the virus well.

“We’re still, eight months later, none the wiser as to how our long-term looks, how our short-term looks, how our medium-term looks.”

Neville, who owns hotels and restaurants in Manchester, also gave a red card to Labour for abstaining in a Commons vote on the three-tier lockdown system last week.

He said: “When you’re elected and you’re in that seat in Westminster, you take a position – you don’t abstain.

“You take part in the match – you’re the opposition, you’re the opposition, don’t sit in the stand.

“They sat in the stand while the home team had a clear run.”

Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds hit back and insisted: “We didn’t sit in the stands at all.

“What we did was to act in the national interest.”

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