‘German Madeleine McCann’ probe as child sex doll found in paedophile’s flat

A probe into the disappearance of what police have dubbed 'Germany's Maddie' has delivered fresh evidence, a sex doll found in a paedophile's apartment.

A fresh task force investigation by German police into the disappearance of Inga Gehricke, who went missing eight years after Madeleine McCann, has delivered new evidence.

The blonde, blue-eyed youngster had disappeared from a family barbecue in a forest near Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt in 2015.

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Now, a new squad of investigators have been hired to look into "crimes against life", acting on evidence found earlier this year in the basement of a paedophile, with the child sex doll – said to resemble Inga – found in the abandoned home.

Investigators are now probing a paedophile known as Martin H, 41, from Berlin, with the man believed to have been from an area close to the disappearance of Inga, lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe said.

The lawyer added: "In May 2015, shortly after Inga's disappearance, this offender used an excavator on his property. The Stendal investigators dropped the trail because they believed the man's alibi. In my opinion, however, the alibi is very doubtful."

Tzschoppe said investigators had a file on Martin, who is allegedly serving time for previous sexual abuse of children, that is 1,900 pages long.

He went on to say that mistakes made in previous investigations had been detrimental to the case, as investigators had not yet analysed all information in the file.

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Investigators are said to have stopped just 11 days into analysing and understanding the nearly 2,000-page dossier, although Martin is not the only suspect.

It comes as the Christian Democratic Union minister said the police reorganisation was part of "case management after years of investigations without any results".

Christian Brueckner, the sick paedophile previously linked with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, is also a person of interest in the disappearance of Inga.

The 43-year-old criminal had been linked with a series of paedophilia and murder charges in both Germany and Portugal.

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