Germany’s Scholz sporting an eye patch after ‘jogging’ accident

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been sporting a fresh new look courtesy of a black eye patch which has sparked a torrent of mocking memes online.

Revealing the black eyewear in an official photograph on Monday, Germany’s leader confessed he was bracing for a mocking on social media.

Chancellor Scholz’ new appearance complete with scrapes around his right eye from a fall while out jogging led many to make comparisons to a pirate.

He wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “Excited to see the memes. Thanks for the get-well wishes, looks worse than it is.”

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The memes have been plentiful, ranging from a cartoon pirate with an eyepatch carrying a cutlass to others picturing a pirate driving a ship’s helm, while Scholz was shown with a skull and crossbones hat and holding a sword.

Despite the setback, Scholz, a long-time runner, remained upbeat, as revealed by his spokesperson, Steffen Hebestreit.

The German Chancellor was later seen wearing the eyepatch at an annual banquet hosted at a Catholic Church in Berlin on Monday.

Furthermore, he expected to accomplish his week’s obligations, which included attending the IAA car show in Munich on Tuesday and delivering a speech in parliament on Wednesday.

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Scholz has been Germany’s leader since December 2021. He formerly served as Germany’s finance and labour ministers, as well as as the mayor of Hamburg.

Scholz reveals in a profile on his party’s website that he disliked sports in school but gained an interest in them through his wife, Britta Ernst.

He said: “Today I jog as often as I can.”

In the past Scholz has spoken of trying to go running, rowing, or walking activities two or three times each week, as well as his fondness for cycling.

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