Girl, 13, trampled on as coronavirus shoppers scramble for toilet roll

A 13-year-old girl has been trampled on in a stampede after shoppers rushed into a supermarket to grab toilet roll after coronavirus fears.

The teenager had been in a Coles store in Perth, Australia when she was reportedly knocked over and left injured and crying, according to

She went to the supermarket with her mum and nine-year-old brother to buy snacks and toilet roll.

Her mum Emma Zache, who is currently wheelchair-bound due to recent ankle surgery, said: "She was pushed to the ground and then stood on by adults who had no care in the world for a child on the floor.

"People were walking over her while she was crying on the ground just to get what they wanted."

Hayley, the youngster, was found on the side crying after being separated from her mum.

Emma said: “She informed me that she was being pushed by people as the toilet paper was right near the entry and they were trying to get it.

"I am shocked at how people were acting this morning even before the doors opened. People pushing, people telling people to get back in line."

Hayley was taken to hospital after the traumatic incident which took place at 7.50am, reports 7news.

She was taken for X-Rays after suffering from a swollen knee.

A Coles spokesman told that the company “takes the wellbeing of customers and team members seriously".

He added: “We are constantly reviewing security measures to manage the unprecedented levels of demand we are seeing in our stores.

“We ask customers to continue to show compassion towards fellow customers and team members at this challenging time.”

The chaotic scenes come amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused shoppers to stockpile household essentials such as toilet roll, pasta and hand sanitisers.

In the last few weeks, many video clips have surfaced showing shoppers fighting over items and rushing to grab products.

Many supermarkets have assigned specific hours for the most vulnerable and at-risk shoppers, such as the elderly to come in and shop without excessive crowds.

After getting fed-up with selfish shoppers hoarding everything, coronavirus panic buying has seen Iceland open early for older Brits only.

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