Glam bodybuilding star fighting for life in hospital over ‘dangerous’ meal plan

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    An Iranian bodybuilder has reportedly been hospitalised after attempting a new intense training regime consisting of a ‘cocktail of drugs’.

    Naghmeh 'Neggy' Shelton, 36, moved to the United States in 2018 after winning a visa lottery and aimed to open a gym on her quest to become a bodybuilder.

    But she needed some help to get there, so she hired a famous women’s bodybuilding trainer named James Ayotte, 30.

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    With Ayotte’s help, Neggy was placed on an intense diet plan which reportedly helped her drop from 170 to 124 pounds in October 2022.

    This 890-calorie meal plan was supplemented by Neggy taking a variety of performance-enhancing drugs.

    According to messages exchanged between the pair, Neggy was eventually on two types of steroids, human growth hormone, clenbuterol, three drugs for breast cancer patients, and two SARMs according to the messages between her and Ayotte.

    However, Neggy soon began to feel out of sorts on the brutal plan.

    Prior to an event in November this year, the Washington Post reports that she told Ayotte she was feeling tired.

    In response, Ayotte reportedly told her on November 7 to 'do her best' and 'not cheat' on the diet plan.

    Tragically, two days later on November 9, Neggy was found unconscious in her apartment in Ashburn, Virginia with ‘dangerously low blood glucose levels.’

    Speaking to the Washington Post, hospital staff at the Inova Loudoun Hospital said her condition was that the hypoglycemic most likely due to ‘diet, supplements, and extensive workouts.’

    Tragically, doctors soon discovered a small brain injury and Neggy is now in a coma ‘she may never wake up from.’

    However, Ayotte has reportedly claimed that Neggy’s condition is nothing to do with is methods, saying: “No way on me and anything I’ve done."

    But medical experts like Carla Janson are less convinced alleging Neggy was on a ‘cocktail of all these other things that nobody in their right mind would ever put together.’

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    Since Neggy collapsed her condition has worsened and she now requires a ventilator full time.

    Her family have now opened a desperate GoFundMe page to raise money for flights to fly out to the US and support her.

    The Daily Star has reached out to James Ayotte for comment.

    In a previous Instagram post explaining the situation from his perspective, Ayotte alleged that the Washington Post had failed to interview a ‘close friend of Neggy’ who told him her bloods were ‘normal’

    He said: “Amir is Neggy’s closest friend, he spoke to her everyday, trained with her, met me at the NY Pro with her, he was the first one at the hospital with her, he put me on FaceTime with her in the hospital, he kept me updated everyday, he was the one who spoke to the doctors and was told that 'her blood work was very normal and has she had been living with someone, this would have never happened.”

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