Good for business! Xi Jinping pushing for end of Russia-Ukraine crisis to secure trade

China 'doesn't want a war' in Ukraine says Cindy Yu

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Cindy Yu claimed Xi Jinping would “sight a breath of relief” should Vladimir Putin agree to withdraw all his troops away from the Ukrainian border. The Russian President continues to intimidate Ukraine whilst Western leaders are scrambling to ease tensions between the neighbouring countries. Ms Yu explained the retreat would be beneficial for China and Russia as it would offer the two partners to resume business at full speed and strengthen their trading ties.

Ms Yu said: “I think if Putin walked away without invading Ukraine, one other benefit to him would be that from Bejing they will sigh a breath of relief.

“In so far as China is becoming Russia’s closest Allie over the last few years and it will continue to be over the next decade or so.

“And actually contrary to received wisdom China doesn’t want a war in Ukraine because it’s got investments there.

“Ukraine is actually part of the Belgium Road Initiative, so it would like to keep the peace.

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Ms Yu added: “So if Putin walks away without any military intervention, which will be very painful and dragged out, China will think this is good for business, we can keep dealing with Russia.”

Mr Dale said: “What about the idea that if Putin was successful in invading Ukraine and there’s really no reaction from the West beyond the odd bit of sanctions?

“Wouldn’t they take that as a green light to do the same thing with Taiwan?”

Ms Yu said: “So it’s obviously the theory that’s been bounced around.

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Ms Yu added: “I would think that Beijing could take Taiwan whenever and however it wanted to, it wouldn’t matter what Putin was doing on his Western front.

“Because China is not going to decide something so important based on what Putin is doing.

“Obviously if it was a long and dragged-out war China might think it’s a good opportunity, timing-wise, to do so, but it’s not setting the precedent to do so.”

As Western Governments hold meetings and calls with Russian counterparts, Ukraine has decided to issue Chapter 3 of the OSE Vienna agreement.

The document demands Putin explain why he massed Russian troops surrounding Ukraine’s border.

Russia has since replied to the request without giving much explanation, and Ukrainian Ministers have since requested a meeting with senior Russian Ministers and OSCE members.

Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss posted a statement on the situation.

Ms Truss said: “If the Kremlin is serious about a diplomatic resolution, then it needs to show up to diplomatic meetings and commit to meaningful talks.

“Russia’s refusal to engage with the OSCE process demonstrates its contempt for the commitments it freely signed up to.

“It is Russia that is the aggressor here.

“The troops stationed on the border are a clear threat to Ukraine.

“The UK and our allies urge the Kremlin to withdraw its troops and enter discussions based on the proposals put forward by NATO to improve transparency and reduce risk.”

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