Google Earth user finds harrowing image of 9/11 aftermath online

A Google Earth user has shared shocking new images of the aftermath of 9/11 from the site, captured in the weeks after the world's deadliest terrorist attack.

In the pictures, dating from the month of the disaster, a large cloud can be seen drifting from across the city around the site of the levelled World Trade Center in New York.

Many people living in the city in late 2001 have previously said that the site continued to bellow huge amounts of smoke into the sky in the weeks after the Twin Towers were destroyed, and this new evidence suggests the plume was in fact visible from space.

Fellow members of the r/GoogleMaps board on Reddit responded with surprise, with one named fabfotog recalling their own journey around the haunting location post-9/11: "I flew to NYC 2 weeks after. The plane went right over this spot. It was still smoking."

Proven_Scroll, who uploaded the screenshots, also revealed how he came across high-quality versions of the pictures – and it requires you download Google Earth Pro, a professional version of the map-viewing desktop application.

"Try opening Google earth pro and using the clock in the top set the date to September 2001 then go to where the attacks happened and you should see it."

Users of the free version of the app can also try to find the pictures by using the 'clock' feature, which allows you to view how aerial pictures of a location have changed over time.

The vast wreckage from the New York site of the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks, which killed 2,977 people and are still the deadliest ever, gave off severe heat and toxic fumes.

This was confirmed to have killed 82 emergency workers by the start of the following week, including the father of 27 year-old American comedian Pete Davidson, and has left others with lifelong conditions, such as chronic airway disease and pulmonary lung function.

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Firefighters who worked on the site have also been found to be 19% more likely to develop cancers than the general American population.

For the official twentieth anniversary remembrance service held last week, US President Joe Biden was joined by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, located at the site where the towers fell.

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