Great white shark leaves surfer critically injured and ‘crawling’ up beach

A surfer has been left with critical thigh injuries and big bite marks on his board after he was attacked by a great white shark.

Witnesses recalled how the victim was shouting for help and crawling up the sand after the attack at Salmon Creek State Park in California, the US, on Sunday, October 3.

He was reportedly a well-known local surfer, who was attacked from beneath whilst laying on his board paddling.

Jared Davis, who saw the whole incident unfold, told CBS: “(We) were paddling to get to a better spot where the sets were breaking.

“There were some other surfers around. For a second I couldn’t quite see him.

He continued: “A wave came up and rolled through. When he was back into view, I saw the dorsal fin of the shark. Then I saw the tailfin of the shark.

“It definitely wasn’t a quick attack. It was nice and slow. He was yelling.

“He was saying ‘Shark! Shark!’ He was saying ‘Help!’

“It looked like he had a red stripe on his wetsuit. He made it to shore before I did.

“He crawled up the sand. We used a surf leash to apply a tourniquet.”

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Heroic emergency services rushed to the scene, including California Highway Patrol air operations who confirmed they were taking a victim with a severe leg bite to Santa Rosa Memorial hospital.

“CHP H-32 is enroute to Santa Rosa Memorial with a trauma patient who was reported to have been bitten by a shark,” they posted to Facebook.

“Bodega Bay Fire Protection District, Sonoma Sheriff, and California State Parks are currently at the scene and the patient is reported to be critically injured.”

Although great white shark attacks aren’t common, the beasts do roam along the coast and there was a similar attack at the location in May 2019.

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