Harry and Williams Christmas cards contain hidden messages, expert claims

A body language expert has analysed the images in both Prince William and Prince Harry's royal Christmas cards and claims he spotted some 'hidden messages.'

Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas, who is known online as The Body Language Guy, has said the royal brothers and their wives sent different messages to the public with images they used for their holiday greetings.

Looking at the card released by the Prince and Princess of Wales on December 13, Jesús claims the image, which was taken in September of the couple and their three children, conveys a "light" and positive view of family.

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He said: "The most important word is light. We have this open space, green space, it's natural, there's only a wall in here. If it was not for the wall it would have been completely natural.

"They're taking a walk on this dirt road or something – but it's a space and light. That is the first impression. You get their facial expressions, they are all smiling."

He also combated claims that William looked disinterested in his family by looking away from the camera, saying: "I think that he was just looking around.

"He was relaxed. He didn't feel the need at that moment to look at the camera."

Jesús also said that it was important to note that the family were all wearing some shade of blue which was a "symbol of home."

However, looking into the black and white image used by Meghan and Harry on their card, published on December 17, he felt it portrayed a very different view.

"This is a much more formal Christmas card," he explained.

"We have two hues, the black and white of the picture and the burgundy, reddish tone. Very formal. Very professional."

He also said that the images was taken professionally and uses text, including the phrase: "From our family to yours."

Jesús claims that this phrase was important, considering their image didn't include their children.

"We were expecting that they include the children," he said, and speculated that it could have been part of their deal with Netflix.

When comparing the snaps to each other, the expert says that William and Kate allowed people to see their family "as a family and not as royals" and it shows a "contrast between the focus of both families."

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