Haunting photo captures ghost in falling tower during controlled demolition

Almost a decade after a derelict tower block was demolished in Hull, locals are still puzzled by an eerie photo that appeared to capture a ghostly presence during the explosion that rang around the area.

Milldane Tower Blocks was one of two buildings on the Orchard Park Estate that was torn down on August 11, 2013 as part of a regeneration project in an effort to redesign the area.

The second block, Asthorpe tower, was pulled down without incident as the poorly planned social housing project was written into history, reports Hull Live.

It was when the explosion rang out around Milldane, that one observer captured something paranormal on the eighteenth floor that has left people wondering whether the block was haunted.

Milldane was one of two multi-storey blocks of flats dating back to the 1960s that were demolished in one day as part of planned improvements to Orchard Park.

Construction of the estate began in 1963 and, together with the Ings Road, was built as a response to a need for more council housing stock as the authorities pushed forward with slum clearances.

Across the estate, eleven tower blocks were erected, most of 17 to 19 storeys with two at 22 storeys, the tallest residential buildings in Hull.

The Milldane tower, that would later be the site of a possible haunting, was the tallest block in the Milldane cluster and the tallest building in the city between 2004 and 2013.

It once stood as the most imposing of three, until Milldane Block 1 and Milldane Block 3 were demolished in 2002.

When it was destroyed 11 years later, a haunting image appeared of the falling tower.

To the shock of many, within the footage of the Milldane demolition something unusual, something spectral, was spotted hanging over the edge of a balcony high up in the building.

Many people thought they had spotted a skeletal ghost in the footage and it caused a commotion on social media when the picture emerged at the time.

In 1997, one of the Milldane tower block cluster had been blighted by two serious fires, both believed to have been started deliberately.

A council report on Milldane from the time said: "The flats are extremely unpopular with all but the most desperate of clients.''

A Hull Daily Mail report from the time suggested that there was no demand to live in the flats with council chiefs desperate to fill the block furnishing 50 empty flats in an attempt to attract long-term tenants.

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