Horrific moment dad stabs daughter 25 times as she tried to protect mum

A father allegedly brutally attacked his family with a knife after a domestic dispute with his wife, leaving his daughter dead and injuring several of his children in western India. The suspect allegedly stabbed his daughter 25 times as she reportedly tried to protect her mother from her father. The suspect has been charged with murder and attempted murder while his surviving children recover in hospital. 

In the CCTV footage, which went viral, the father appears to approach his family outside their rented apartment in Satya Nagar Society in Surat.

After 15 seconds of confrontation, the father apparently draws a large knife and sends the family into a state of panic.

His elder children lunge forward as they try to protect their mother from the alleged attack, while a young boy in a diaper cries at the unfolding scene.

It is believed the accused lost his temper during a minor argument with his wife over the issue of their daughter sleeping on the terrace.

Just after 11.20pm on May 18, when the attack took place, the father allegedly managed to injure his wife before their children intervened.

The suspect then allegedly got hold of his daughter, stabbing her multiple times. She managed to escape his grip and fled to a room nearby.

But her father followed her and allegedly stabbed her at least 25 times. Even after the fatal assault on his daughter, Ramanuja ascended to the terrace, apparently going after his wife.

In a valiant effort to protect their mother, the children intervened again. They suffered minor injuries before the authorities arrived to detain the suspect.

The Surat police, once on the scene, apprehended the suspect and removed his children to safety. They also confiscated a weapon.

Inspector RK Patel, the lead investigator on the case, said that the accused has been arrested and a case is filed against him under relevant sections of the IPC, including murder and attempt to murder.

As the investigation proceeds, authorities have taken statements from the victim and complainant, Rekha. The injured are meanwhile being treated for injuries.

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