Horror as over 300 dogs found dead in Ukrainian shelter after weeks without food or water

Ukraine: Dozens of dogs killed in Kyiv

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Almost 500 dogs were left without food or water in a shelter in Borodyanka since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24. After soldiers left the area at the beginning of the month, charity volunteers were able to return to the shelter and found that more than 300 of them had not survived.

Charity organisation UAnimals said 485 dogs had been locked in their cages until 1 April because volunteers could not return to the shelter due to the ongoing conflict.

CBS News reported that when volunteers were able to return to the shelter a few days ago, all but 150 of the 485 animals had died.

A video was shared on Twitter by Oleksandra Matviichuk, lawyer and head of Ukraine nonprofit Centre for Civil Liberties, which shows bodies of numerous dogs piled on the floor.

In the footage, the female volunteer can be heard narrating the scene in a tearful voice.

She captioned the footage: “I have no words. Russians even killed dozens of dogs in Kyiv region. WHY??”

UAnimals said that 27 of the surviving dogs who were in a critical condition have been transferred to private clinics for treatment.

The charity is also offering 50,000 hryvnias (£1293) as a reward for anyone willing and able to take the others.

Some of the surviving dogs are also being supported by the charity themselves.

Another video shared on social media by Ukrainian Interior Ministry advisor Anton Gerashchenko shows a similar scene.

In the footage, dogs can be seen barking at volunteers as they move around the bodies of some of the deceased animals.

The bodies are just one part of a trail of destruction left behind by retreating Russian forces.

As Ukraine regains control of several regions around Kyiv, troops have located hundreds of bodies in Bucha. 

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Fatalities were found left in the street while others were dumped in mass graves.

Many of the dead had their hands bound and were shot in the head or the chest.

Following the discovery of the bodies, president Zelensky accused the Russian army of “genocide” and accused Russia of war crimes.

He added: “Concentrated evil has come to our land…Why were ordinary civilians in an ordinary peaceful city tortured to death? Why were women strangled after their earrings were ripped out of their ears?

“How could women be raped and killed in front of children? How could their corpses be desecrated even after death?

“What did the Ukrainian city of Bucha do to your Russia?”

He described the Russian soldiers as having “no soul, no heart”, adding: “They killed deliberately and with pleasure.”

Russia has however dismissed the accusation as “false allegations.”

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