I tripped over parcel left outside my door –my elephant foot will ruin Xmas

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    A man says his Christmas will be ruined after he tripped on Amazon parcels left outside his door, leaving him with a horrific injury.

    Mike Foster, 33, says the injury has left his ankle looking like an "elephant's foot" and means he can no longer walk, drive or work while he recovers.

    And now that he can't work, Mike is worried he'll lose out on earnings.

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    He said: “I’m obviously annoyed, I’m really annoyed.

    "We've had to reduce what we’re spending at Christmas with the price crunch and everything. It’s just a crap position to be in December really.

    “I can’t walk around or drive without being in excruciating pain – all because the driver was too lazy to put it in a logical spot where it won't hurt anyone.

    “It’s not like there’s anything I could have done to avoid the situation myself. I was just leaving for work in the morning and trying to do my normal daily routine.”

    Mike saId the package was left outside his front door in Birmingham on November 30 and, as it was dark, he didn't see it.

    He said: “I left the house at about 7am so it was still pretty much pitch black outside.

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    “The parcel was left underneath the front step to the porch and when I opened my front door, I put my left foot out, caught the corner of the parcel and completely went over.

    “I twisted my ankle really badly. I was in absolute agony but because it was 7am I was trying not to make too much noise."

    He stepped on the package that morning and twisted his ankle, but managed to make it to work – but he was told to go to A&E instead.

    At the hospital, an X-ray revealed he had soft tissue damage.

    “I went to A&E and they told me it was soft tissue damage, my whole foot was swollen like an elephant’s foot," he said.

    “It was a ridiculous place to leave a parcel.

    "I spoke to Amazon about it and they apologised, but there’s a price crunch on and I’ve had to take a week off work because of them.”

    A spokesperson for Amazon told news agency SWNS that they had reached out to the customer directly.

    The Daily Star has contacted the company for comment.

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