Iconic WWE star challenges Cocaine Bear to match at Wrestlemania in mad tweet

WWE legend Iron Sheik has issued a bizarre challenge to the star of one of the most talked about films of 2023.

Sheik, 80, has become known for his utterly unhinged Twitter posts in recent years.

Normally, the Iranian-born former WWE Champion aims his all-capital-letter posts towards his real life enemy "jabroni" Hulk Hogan.

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But his newest rant has been targeted at the drug-fuelled animated CGI bear from the film Cocaine Bear.

Sheik tweeted, to his more than 640k followers: "ME VS. THE @cocainebear AT THE WRESTLEMANIA WITH THE JABRONI JAKE ROBERTS SPECIAL REF."

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Given that Jake Roberts is currently managing Lance Archer in All Elite Wrestling . . . and the bear isn't real, it's hard to imagine this bout taking place, but that didn't stop fans loving the challenge.

One wrote: "I weep for Cocaine Bear, as Sheiky Baby evades every strung out lunge, breaks the bear’s leg with a standard sweep, and drops the Camel Clutch on the bear, which will probably literally die before admitting defeat.

"Camel Clutch forever."

And a second wrote: "Money match bigger than Cody vs Roman.

"Main Event on Sunday night."

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The story of Cocaine Bear is very loosely based on the tale of a real bear ingesting millions of dollars worth of the lost Class A drug in 1985.

Sheik recently labelled his old enemy Hogan as a "big jabroni" after it emerged he had become involved in the Church of Scientology – and was dating a member of it.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, had apparently started a relationship with a member of the movement in his native Florida.

The woman in question is 45-year-old Sky Daily.

According to former Scientologist and Vice President of the Aftermath Foundation, Aaron Smith-Levin, Daily is a second generation Scientologist.

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And to top it off, Hogan was recently spotted sharing a VIP box at an American Football game with the world's most famous member of the church, Tom Cruise.

The former World Championship Wrestling champion and nWo group leader was also spotted taking selfies with other Scientology members in recent weeks.

Putting all of that together, many of Hulk Hogan's fans – and in-ring enemies – had been rounding on the controversial former champion.

None more so than The Iron Sheik.

The WWE icon, who has no filter when it comes to his comments on social media, tweeted in all capital letters as usual: “HULK HOGAN IS SUCH A BIG JABRONI THAT NOT EVEN THE SCIENTOLOGY CAN FIX.”

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