Ill be tube-fed forever after Turkey surgery left me with 8% of stomach

A British mum will be tube-fed for the rest of her life after a botched gastric sleeve procedure in Turkey left her with just 8% of her stomach left.

Louise Bradley from Oldham, Greater Manchester, developed arthritis as a result of being overweight, and she found it too painful to exercise so opted to fly to the medical tourism hotspot for surgery.

But after forking out £2,000 in May last year, instead of removing 75% of her stomach, a Turkish surgeon removed 92%.

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The 33-year-old mum-of-two ended up in intensive care after she arrived back home to Manchester, Manchester Evening News reported.

She said she will now have to eat and drink through a tube for the rest of her life, and is constantly in and out of hospital with complications.

"I didn't feel okay – I couldn't even keep down water but the surgeon told me this was normal and I'd feel better once I was home in the UK," Louise said of the hours after her surgery.

"On my flight home I passed out and they had to get an ambulance to greet me at Manchester Airport and take me to Wythenshawe hospital intensive care."

Louise claims that scans carried out at Salford Royal Hospital revealed instead of removing around 75% of her stomach, the surgeon in Turkey had in fact removed 92%.

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They had also cut in her oesophagus meaning the muscles no longer work and she is unable to swallow unassisted. She can't even swallow water.

"I have lost nine stone but it's not the way I expected at all," she said. "I was healthier when I was obese. Now I am constantly in and out of hospital and I have stomach pain and diarrhoea all the time.

"I did so much research before but it still happened to me. My advice to anyone thinking of having surgery abroad is 'don't do it.' Loads of people say 'well this could have happened in the UK' which it absolutely could have, but they would have had a duty of care to fix it.

"I feel like people are sold a fairy tale but it’s just a butcher’s table out there."

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