In the age of COVID-19, self-isolating Kingston woman says everyone needs to do their part

If you’ve been out of the country and have returned home to Canada, you’re now mandated to self-isolate. It’s a message we’ve heard several times from the prime minister.

Failure to comply means heavy fines, even jail time.

A Kingston couple is among those heeding the mandate. Diane Seymour and her husband John continue to stay at home after a trip to Portugal.

“We chose to self isolate over there for our last eight days and it was not as comfortable as being at home, most certainly,” Seymour told Global News. “There wasn’t a lot to do. You could only read so much, you could only play on your iPad so much.

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“The weather wasn’t the greatest to be out on the balcony but we made do, and we knew what was facing us when we came back and we were prepared to do it, and we’re prepared to continue doing it.”

The couple’s 14-day routine of quarantining and self isolating ends early next week and both can’t wait. But in the meantime, Seymour says the waiting game continues.

“We’re cleaning and tidying and my husband’s doing some painting,” she said. “It’s all good. We’re reading, playing on our iPads, watching the news diligently.”

A former nurse, Seymour praises those frontline workers that continue to protect Canadians, putting themselves and their own health on the line in the process.

“The whole medical community is doing their thing, the respiratory technicians, everybody,” she said.

“We can’t do it alone. We have to work as a team, but we on the outside have to work as a team and stay home.”

Looking out from on her balcony on a sunny Thursday midday, Diane Seymour certainly hopes for brighter days ahead for all involved.

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