Influencer claims cruise ship left her ‘stuck on island’ as she films departure

A content creator sparked a frenzy on TikTok after claiming her cruise ship left her behind on a remote island.

TikToker phfame00 was allegedly onboard a Celebrity Cruises ship to Cozumel, Mexico, when she returned to the dock to find the ship had sailed off without her.

In a viral clip, the apparently abandoned passenger recorded footage of the cruise ship on the horizon, reported Dexerto.

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"Y’all my boat left me wtf Celebrity Cruises," she wrote.

“What in the f*** am I supposed to do? I’m literally stuck on this island,” she said, as the ship is seen sailing further and further away.

The video has now been viewed more than six million times and sparked big debate on social media.

Many TikTok users slammed the influencer's lack of punctuality rather than the ship's staff for leaving.

“Uber will leave if you’re late, but you thought a cruise ship would accommodate?” one user questioned. “Cruise ships do not leave people who get back ON TIME,” one person wrote.

Another said: “They tell you so many times when you should be back and that it’s your responsibility. The ship didn’t leave you, you left the ship.”

One person quipped: "They only tell you 500 times don't be late they will leave without you"

Some offered tongue-in-cheek advice to the influencer.

“Catch a flight to the cruise next stop like I did… it happened to me,” one person said.

Another offered: “You pay a plane to take you to the next port.”

Others pointed out that cruise ships have strict departure times for a reason and that it is passenger's responsibility to be back on time.

In a follow-up clip, the unfortunate traveller revealed that she met the ship “at the next port” and was able board once again and continue the trip.

Celebrity Cruises have been contacted for comment.

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