Injury lawyer ‘stole £700k of clients money’ to spend on OnlyFans and narcotics

An injury lawyer allegedly stole $840,000 (£700,000) of his client's money and spent it on OnlyFans and drugs.

Christopher Michael Reynolds, 44, was arrested on Monday (February 27) in Florida and faces charges of money laundering and grand theft for allegedly defrauding 16 clients out of settlement funds.

Reynolds opened his own personal injury practice in 2015 and mostly specialised in people who had been involved in car crashes.

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In October last year, a woman who was Reynolds' client, went to the Pinellas County Sherriff's Office and reported that he had stopped all communication with her suddenly.

Investigators found that the 44-year-old had allegedly forged the woman's signature on settlement documents and kept a $100,000 (£83,000) payout that was supposed to be for her medical bills.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri revealed that a further 15 victims of a similar scheme going back to 2019 were found.

He said: "He agreed to represent them in a personal injury case, he referred them to doctors, he sent monetary demand packages to insurance companies, forged clients’ names on settlement documents, and pocketed all the settlement money, leaving people with no compensation for their injuries and holding the bag for all of their medical bills."

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A search of the lawyer's financial records by the authorities revealed that he used the funds to purchase pornography, including spending $30,000 (£25,000) on OnlyFans – as well as on drugs.

Reynolds' license to practice law was suspended in December last year amid the investigation.


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