Insane brawl sees Waffle House become wrestling ring as diners flee chaos

An insane brawl saw a Waffle House establishment become a wrestling ring, with diners fleeing the chaotic early morning scene.

Recently released footage saw women yelling and 4am fighting between staff members and a rabble-rousing bunch of customers in the restaurant blowout in Austin, Texas.

The video, which has since been posted online, showcases a massive fallout and fight between employees and customers, who begin throwing items, food and hands at each other.

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Fist fights and explosive outrage between screaming staff and customers saw chairs thrown, all out wrestling at the establishment and a madcap display of anger from a pair of customers, one of which falls from a counter.

The United States-based fight took place in September of last year, Daily Mail reported, but footage of the brawl and horrific scenes of violence have only just been released.

Such a violent brawl is said to have broken out over a simple misunderstanding over a takeaway order, and footage has since circulated of all-out warfare inside the waffle establishment.

Roderick Ramone Brown, 35, is said to have placed an order that did not correspond with the food he had been given, prompting a verbal argument with the manager.

Said manager had offered a refund and noted that children were inside the restaurant, but that did not deter Brown or fellow brawler Alexis Shaianne Smith, 27.

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Both Brown and Smith were arrested for their involvement in a fight that saw a chair thrown toward one Waffle House employee, as well as a clamber over the counter.

The fight appears to have ended after an employee managed to grab the hurled chair out of the air, putting an end to the onslaught of thrown projectiles.

Plenty of Twitter users were delighted at the scenes of chaos, with one person pointing out that the brawl was "legitimately beautifully filmed".

Another user joked: "Waffle House is probably the only employer who is actually interested in military experience during hiring."

Footage of the horrifying brawl showcased the initial shouting match which soon turned sour and thoroughly violent, with one man heard saying: "I just want my waffles."

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Two women were then seen to be clambering over the counter, with one managing to get onto the top of the table separating staff from customers, before promptly falling off.

One user on Twitter described the footage as: "Waffle House Wrestlemania."

When one user attempted to find out which particular Waffle House the footage was taken from, another user joked that it was "all of them".

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