Inside Melania and Ivanka’s feud with First Lady calling Trump daughter ‘snake’

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Other than himself, the most important people in Donald Trump's life are the two women closest to him.

Between wife Melania, 50, and eldest daughter Ivanka, 39, each is known in White House circles as possibly the only ones on the planet with the ability to reach the unhinged US President.

But although their respective relationships with Trump may be strong, the two women are widely known to absolutely loathe one another.

Their historic hatred runs deep with the First Lady calling her step-daughter a "snake" in the past, while Ivanka appears to be willing to do anything to undermine her father's wife.

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A source told the Daily Star: "When the Trumps were a rich New York family, Melania and Ivanka's paths rarely crossed.

"They had their separate lives.

"But after Donald's election win, tensions between them became steroid-fuelled.

"As First Lady, Melania felt Ivanka was trying to take her place. For Ivanka, Melania was a hindrance to what she wanted to achieve."

According to Melania's former best friend and confidant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, much of their hatred can be traced back to the Trump administration's early days when she was still living in New York.

Ivanka had apparently been looking at the White House's East Wing, the private quarters of all First Ladies.

In one instance Ivanka reportedly suggested renaming the "First Lady's Office" to "First Family Office" setting the tone for the next four years.

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It led Mrs Trump to carry out her own power struggle, ridiculing the President's favourite child and nicknaming her "princess".

While First Lady, Melania carried out her own projects although many believe her to have been the most ineffective woman ever to have held the role.

Meanwhile, in an apparent rampant bout of nepotism, daddy made Ivanka Advisor to the President and the Director of Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship since 2017.

It led her father, who once said if she weren't his daughter he would "probably be dating her", to repeatedly tout her as a future president.

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