Insta drug dealers exposed: Hundreds selling heroin, cocaine and crystal meth

Drug dealers are openly flogging heroin and crystal meth to teens on Instagram, a Daily Star Online investigation has revealed.

We found hundreds of users offering to ship cocaine, fentanyl, and anabolic steroids to the UK despite the site's "zero tolerance" drug policy.

Among the sickos we found advertising on the photo-sharing site – which has 24million British users – was a dealer who tried to sell crystal meth to a 15-year-old.

Another seller offered advice on how to knock a girl out with date rape drugs – before offering to send four litres of GHB to the UK disguised as pet food.

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An estimated 1.7million Brit kids use Instagram to follow idols such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner.

But experts last night accused the photo-sharing giant of "putting children at risk" by turning a blind eye to dealers.

It took us less than an afternoon to find over 250 drug peddlers with simple searches like “cocaine for sale”, “cannabis”, “Xanax”, and “buy steroids”.

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One dealer escaped Instagram’s workshy censors by simply spelling heroin as “heroine” in his username.

His bio contained contact details for encrypted text apps WhatsApp, Wickr, and Telegram.

Within ten minutes of our first message, he was claiming he could to post five kilograms of 98% purity heroin to Britain for £43,000.

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He boasted: “We can send through customs. Stealth delivery packed in vacuum-sealed bags.

“Process from packaging to delivery is done to overcome forensics.”

He claimed the drugs would be on our doorstep within five working days.

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One London-based user – who claimed he had been selling drugs online since 2010 – used the site to show off a bag of 80% purity cocaine worth over £100,000.

On February 1st he ran a “Celebrate Brexit” promotion offering free samples of his latest delivery to the first five customers who got in touch.

He said he could deliver 10 grams of cocaine in person for £750.

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When asked if he would be comfortable delivering to a primary school, he replied “what time can I deliver” and texted a PayPal link.

Another dealer photoshopped her Snapchat username onto several high-resolution shots of ecstasy pills and crack cocaine.

Instagram’s moderators had failed to spot her account even though she brazenly tagged her posts #crystalmeth, #ecstasy, and #crack.

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Posing as a 15-year-old boy, we asked if she was able to discreetly ship five grams of crystal meth to a London secondary school – adding: “I don’t want my mum to open it”.

She said: “That won’t be a problem.

“5G of meth right? A total of $150 including priority mail.”

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When we claimed the drugs were for a 16th birthday party, she merely asked for us to send the payment.

Another user offered to supply date rape drugs when we asked what he sold that would leave a woman unconscious.

He then explained exactly what doses the would-be rapist needed, before offering a bespoke deal on 200 Rohypnol tablets and four litres of GHB.

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When asked how many girls could be left unconscious for $300, he replied: “like six or seven, it depends on the girls.”

He added: “So, are we proceeding? I need your order bro”

Labour MP Bambos Charalambous raged: “These examples of how easy it is to get hold of drugs through social media are absolutely shocking.

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“But social media platforms, which are multi-billion pound companies, are facilitating drug-dealing with impunity.

“If a business used its premises to sell drugs like this, it would be an offence.”

And Ian Hamilton, a senior lecturer in addiction and mental health at the University of York, told the Daily Star Online that Instagram’s lack of moderation was “putting many children at risk”.

He blasted: “This investigation shows that Instagram are unwilling to take drug dealing seriously.

“We know that children and young people use these sites without parental oversight, so this exposes them to drugs that they might not otherwise have access to.

“These companies have a responsibility to be checking accounts and acting on reports of dealing on their platforms.”

Daily Star Online has contacted Instagram for comment.

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