Irans terrorist fanatics planning to strike weak West and World Cup

The World Cup could potentially be subject to an attack by Iran who reportedly possess a network of terrorist sleeper cells ready to strike.

Opposition activists of the Iranian regime warned that the West are being targeted by the tyrannical regime, The Sun reports.

They proceeded to take aim at the West and accuse them of being weak and not doing enough to challenge the government, led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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The People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) is an opposition group which advocates the overthrow of the regime and has been vocal in their belief that Iran's terrorist plans are up and running.

They said that not only is there a whole network of proxies that have been spread across the glove but they are "not only ready but functioning".

The proxies are watched over by military group Quds Force who answer to the notorious Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The force is estimated to be 20,000 members deep as Israeli spy chief Major General Aharon Haliva echoed the thoughts of the PMOI as he said Iran could use the grand stage of the World Cup for their own cause.

According to Haliva, the only thing that has stopped an attack from occurring is fears from Tehran on how Qatar would react to such action.

He insisted: "I am telling you that the Iranians are now considering attacking the World Cup in Qatar as well."

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PMOI spokesman Shahin Gobadi said that taking Western hostages is a key element of the terrorist group's strategy.

He said: "As the regime is getting bigger it resorts to more and more repression at home and terrorism abroad, one part is taking westerns as hostages.

"In order to keep the ship at bay and maintain the balance, they have resolved to more executions at home, to more terrorism abroad, to more support for extremist groups abroad and more repression at home.

“This regime recognises no borders when it comes to terrorism and more and more Westerners are becoming targeted."


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