Its possible aliens have incredibly advanced technology to help get to Earth

It is possible aliens already have “incredibly advanced technology“ helping them get to Earth, an expert has claimed.

The claim comes from Christ Pattison from the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, who was reacting to NASA's new report on whether or not UAP/UFOs are real.

While the 33-page report created by 16 experts doesn't go as far as confirming that aliens exists, it does open to door to the possibility that there could be something else out there because, buried deep at the end of the report is the one thing alien lovers were waiting for.

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It states: "At this point there is no reason to conclude that existing UAP reports have an extraterrestrial source.

“However, if we acknowledge that as one possibility, then those objects must have travelled through our solar system to get here. Just as the galaxy does not stop at the outskirts of the solar system, the solar system also includes Earth and its environs.

"Thus, there is an intellectual continuum between extrasolar technosignatures, solar system SETI, and potential unknown alien technology operating in Earth’s atmosphere.

"If we recognize the plausibility of any of these, then we should recognize that all are at least plausible.”

The word “plausible” is the thing that appears to have given life to the feeling that aliens do exist.

And Chris Pattison concurs, although he does clarify that there is “no evidence” to show that anything the experts analysed was alien in nature.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said: “NASA director Bill Nelson said he personally believes life exists on other planets in the universe.

“Is it possible that one or some of these civilisations have incredibly advanced technology and some of that made it to Earth, either deliberately or by accident? Yes.

“Is it likely? Absolutely not.

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“The distances involved make it very unlikely.

“We humans haven't even sent a person to our closest neighbouring planets, so to imagine a civilization with the technology to reach another solar system or even another galaxy is very difficult – I think it's smart not to rule it out yet, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and we haven't seen that yet.”

Mr Pattison did call the report “good news”, as it shows that NASA has committed resources and personnel to studying future UAP/UFOs.

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