‘Jaunty’ Putin misses step getting off plane as he lets guard down in Belarus

Russia's despotic President Vladimir Putin has appeared to escape potential disaster after escaping a horror fall during a visit to Belarus.

Putin has been dogged by rumours of failing health since he first ordered troops to set foot in Ukraine.

From cancer to no longer having the ability to control his bowels, the 70-year-old Saint Petersburg-native is said to be near death's door.

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But new video footage from a visit to Belarus earliertoday (December 19) – one of the only countries still backing him – appears to show that he actually isn't as bad as many think.

Putin appeared in the video walking down some plane steps before hugging close friend and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

While walking down the stairs, he appears to miss the last step and nearly fall over before regaining his composure and embracing his mate.

But there are a few tell-tale signs that Putin was having issues during the video, as spotted by body language expert Adrianne Carter – also known as the Face Whisperer – such as the fact that he appears not to want to use his right arm as much.

Despite that being a sign of potential health conditions, some claim it is part of his KGB training.

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The KGB was the main security agency for the Soviet Union and was where Putin served for a reported 16 years.

The manual shows how the KGB operatives were both trained and instructed to keep their right hand close to their chests.

Researchers believe the instruction allowed the operative to be able to draw his gun quicker than a potential enemy in a move compared with gunslinger’s of the Wild West.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Adrianne Carter said: “It looks like Putin missed the last step rather than a jump. However, he does seem way more jaunty coming down the steps than normal.

“His right arm hangs more than the left when walking, as we've seen before, but he does use it when accepting gifts.

“Putin definitely looks more relaxed in his body language and it's a warm hug he gives Lukashenko and then the next person he greets his eyebrows raise, he's pleased to see them too.”


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