Jaw-dropping moment Putin’s thugs try to attack Ukraine with ‘Flintstone’ tank

Ukraine: Russian armoured vehicle destroyed by drone

Putin’s troops have been caught lacking once again as video has emerged of Russian soldiers assaulting Ukrainian positions in a tank that looks like the Flintstone’s family car.

In the video shared by aerobomber_ua, Russian troops can be seen flailing out of the tank with a DIY camouflage canopy attached to it.

After troops bail off the Russian tank, it appears to charge directly toward the Ukrainian frontline while spraying its machine gun wildly.

In minutes, Ukrainian anti-tank missiles hammer the Russian armour and blow it to smithereens.

At the end of the jaw-dropping footage, one loan Russian troop is seen escaping the wreckage and running for his life.

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Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed the Russian tank bears an uncanny resemblance to the car driven by the Flintstones in the popular 1960s cartoon of the same name.

Reacting to the video on Reddit, one commenter said: “That thing straight up looks like the Flintstone mobile.”

Another witty viewer added: “They had a yabadabadoo time!” A third said: “They YabaDabaDidn’t.”

“This should have Looney Tunes music over it,” another viewer said. Others suggested Benny Hill might be more appropriate for the military blunder.

Others were just completely mystified by what they were seeing. “What the f***? 4 days awake on stimulants or what is going on here?”

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Footage of the colossal Russian military blunder went viral as Ukraine made one of its first major breakthroughs against Russian defences on Saturday.

The Ukrainian military claims troops have crossed into Russian-occupied territory on the east bank of the Dnipro River for the first time since Putin’s invasion began in February last year.

The small victory is an important step in Kyiv’s plans to isolate the Crimean Peninsula and push back Putin’s forces.

The BBC reported that Ukrainian fighters were now desperately fighting to take the village of Krynky.

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