Jesus spotted on new £20 notes leaving residents sick to their stomach

Jesus Christ's likeness has started cropping up on fake £20 banknotes in West Sussex, leaving locals baffled and disappointed.

The notes have been spotted littering the floors of Chichester, with unlucky residents stooping down to pick up what they think is lost cash – before finding they're decorated with the Messiah's face and are not legal tender.

Local man Raymond Brody was particularly unlucky and was left feeling "sick to his stomach" after he picked up the fake currency on two separate occasions.

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“It’s bad enough that someone thinks it’s a good idea to litter in the first place but in today’s economic crisis £20 on the floor can mean feeding a family for a week. To instil false hope in them like this is horribly hideous," he told SussexWorld.

“I found the fake notes both times when walking my dog," he recounted.

"I’m sure a lot of people would agree at this time £20 can go a long way when you are already struggling to make ends meet as it is.”

After checking to see if anyone had dropped the note on the first occasion, Brody said "survival of the fittest kicked in" and he grabbed the note, hoping to spend the cash on his energy meter.

But when he got back to his home in Birdham, Chichester, he realised the notes weren't all they seemed.

“When I got home and looked at the note I was disappointed to say the least. Nothing like a bit of false hope to start your day on a downward spiral,” he said.

Just weeks later Brody came across the second false note.

He added: “After finding the first note a few weeks back I was dubious so I unfolded the note to see Jesus Christ.

“I was very tempted to write on it ‘stop breaking the law’ and insert it into the church donation box, but thought the better of it.”

The notes had "Bank of Heaven" written across the top along with the message "Don’t be fooled, Jesus is the real thing," but it is unclear who has been distributing the pseudo-currency.

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