Kate Middleton and William make Instagram change to get closer to public

Prince William and Kate Middleton have tried to become closer to the public and experts believed it's down to a significant change on their Instagram account.

The Duke of Duchess of Cambridge recently added some personal touches on their social media account including a picture of Kate getting her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination.

Omid Scobie, royal correspondent for ABC News, believed the couple has an intention to close the gap between them and the public.

And the change is becoming obvious shortly after they changed their Instagram handle from "Kensington Royal" to "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge".

He spoke on the latest episode of Heirpod podcast that things "have not been the same" since the change and there is evidence to support it.

Omid said: "She also shared a piece of her own art, an original drawing sketched by Kate. This came at the tail end of their visit in Scotland.

"She included this postcard on this Instagram post, a sketch of the St Andrews, where the couple once lived alongside a thank you note to everyone, the community, the organisation in Scotland for making the trip so special.

"This, I think, is a continuation of this really personal touch they are trying to bring on their social media.

"Things have not been the same since they change it to 'Duke and Duchess of Cambridge' on Instagram. It feels very much their account, their own curated content."

Comparing the content on Kate and William's Instagram account to other members of the Royal Family, the expert believed they are the only royal couple that are are doing things on a "much more personal level" at the moment.

"There's less of a gap between them and the members of the public, or at least that's the intention," he added.

His colleague Maggie Rulli agreed and commented: "It's rare that you can see the switch so obviously. It's interesting to watch on full ever since they changed that name.

"You can tell there's an effort to eliminate that third party where it feels as if someone is writing the content for them. Now it feels like they are trying to reach out to the people."

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