Kate’s awkward moment as she has to move out of Meghan’s way over seat confusion

Kate Middleton was involved in an awkward moment at the Queen's funeral yesterday as she was forced to move out of Meghan's way due to seat confusion.

The awkwardness occurred when the procession arrived in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle as the royals approached their seats.

Prince William had to direct his family members on when they could walk down the row of seats.

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Having arrived first, he told Prince George to pause, but Kate was seemingly unaware and tried to walk down the aisle.

William had to point out that they needed to wait, so she had to step back to allow Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, to make their way down.

Charlotte came down next and sat next to Harry – with the pair sharing a touching moment when she adjusted her hat before looking over at her uncle.

Harry then briefly looked up and caught her eye and smiled at the young Princess.

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With Princess Charlotte sat next to her uncle Prince Harry, her brother Prince George was sat between their parents the Prince and Princess of Wales.

It's the first time that William and Kate's kids have been seen in public since their great-grandmother's death – and it's understood the royal couple thought long and hard while having discussions with the children before deciding they would attend.

William and Kate agreed, after long discussions with aides, as the future of the monarchy, George, who affectionately called the Queen ‘Gan Gan’, should attend with his sister with whom he is especially close to.

Prince William told one royal fan in Windsor that they decided to "keep some sense of continuity" for their children at school in order to keep things "as normal as possible".

Following the late monarch's historic state funeral at Westminster Abbey, Her Majesty's coffin was taken to Windsor up the Long Walk as thousands of mourners gathered outside to pay their respects before a televised committal service.

Philip’s coffin will move from the royal vault to the memorial chapel to join the Queen’s.


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