King Charles shares glimpse of how new coins, stamps and P.O boxes will look

King Charles has given the British public a potential look at many of our everyday items might look like in the near future.

For many, the death of Her Majesty The Queen on Thursday (September 8) changed the country forever.

But for even those who aren't fans of the royals, there are many small changes in your life that the sad death will bring – and most of them you won't even realise.

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And all of which King Charles III has possibly explained with a badge he was wearing during yesterday's declaration speech.

So small was the badge that not many people picked up on it, but clipped to his black tie was his new royal cypher.

The diamond encrusted pin badge featured his initials CR – which stands for Charles Rex.

Rex is Latin for king.

And this will slowly start to appear on many items.

Firstly, the Queen's face and cypher is on every bank note and coin you have in your possession.

And as soon as she died, at the age of 96, many began to wonder whether or not their bank notes featuring the-late Monarch's face on were still legal tender.

But thankfully, they are.

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The Bank of England has already said that notes will remain legal tender and that a “further announcement” will be made once the period of mourning is over.

Another every day item with the famous face on it is stamps.

Created in 1967 with her face on, they will still be legal to use but no more will be produced.

New stamps with a silhouette of the side profile of King Charles III and his cypher on will go into production as soon as possible.

Passports also have Her Majesty on them – but fear not, you can still go on holiday with it.

The front cover of any passports produced from the date of the Queen's death will now say “His Majesty” on the front and will also feature the new cypher, and post boxes will also have it on, too.

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