Konotop residents reject Russia offer to surrender to spare city from bombing – VIDEO

Ukraine warned no-fly zone would 'favour Russia'

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The mayor of Konotop, in the northeastern region of Sumy in Ukraine, held a public debate with the population to discuss whether to accept the offer to surrender Russian Army officers presented to them. Footage from the city shows members of the Russian delegations walking back to their tank after leaving the main administrative building as citizens yell at them. The leader of the delegation can be seen holding what appear to be hand grenades as he walks through the crowd.

Further videos show mayor Artem Semenikhin standing on top of a concrete pedestal addressing his constituents about the surrender offer.

According to local outlet Ukraine NOW: “The mayor of Konotop says the orcs [Russians] have issued an ultimatum: either he surrenders the city or the city is blown up by artillery.

“The mayor and the residents at the council decide what to do.”

Sumy Regional State Administration head Dmitry Zhivitsky confirmed an offer had been made on Facebook.


Mr Zhivitsky said: “In Konotop, the occupiers came to “negotiate” with the city authorities.

“According to the mayor Artem Semenikhin, the Russian military arrived and told him to give the city under their control.

“They threatened to bring artillery to the city. Were sent to the right place.

“At the same time, hostile vehicles under the City Council were surrounded by citizens shouting “Shame!”

He added: “We form an official position of the answer on Konotop.”

Reports also suggested the population ultimately decided not to surrender to Russia’s forces.


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