Kyiv lion badly injured by Putin’s latest sick bomb attacks on Ukraine

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    A lion at a wildlife centre in Kyiv was injured during a recent round of Russian shelling in the Ukrainian capital.

    On Monday (October 10) Vladimir Putin unleashed another wave of attacks on Ukrainian cities – many of which hadn't been bombed in months – following the explosion on Kerch Bridge in Crimea over the weekend.

    Sadly, the Natalya Popova and UAnimals Wild Animal Rescue Center in Kyiv was one the buildings impacted by the blasts.

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    UAnimals – an organisation working to save animals from the horrors of Putin's invasion – announced on Monday that Pretzel the lion had been injured.

    According to the organisation, Pretzel had been so frightened by a nearby explosion that he desperately tried to escape from his enclosure, injuring his head in the process.

    UAnimals said on Facebook: "During today's attack on Kyiv he was very frightened by loud explosions and, trying to escape, fought against the enclosure.

    "Russia reaches its dirty hands to each and every one of us: humans, domestic and domestic animals, wild beasts."

    An update today (Tuesday, October 11) read: "[The] lion is doing a little better now, but he is still nervous.

    "Pretzel's fate is very difficult. We rescued him from a very small enclosure. The lion has vision problems and a broken psyche, so he was very afraid of the explosions and injured himself.

    "Pretzel still can't calm down and is very nervous. He’s eating good though and overall he’s ok despite the explosions.

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    "Unfortunately, due to some bureaucratic issues, the lion's transportation to conditions more like its natural environment has been delayed a bit."

    In subsequent posts on Twitter, UAnimals said Russia was a "terrorist" state, and that the recent bombings were "terrorist attacks".

    You can donate to UAnimals here.


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