Lame duck President Macron in free fall as he got almost nothing done in first 100 days

Marine Le Pen slams 'lame duck' Emmanuel Macron

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French President Emmanuel Macron has achieved close to nothing during his first 100 days at the helm of the country, long-time rival Marine Le Pen blasted. The French President has faced headwinds with scandals rocking his first 100 days in power and fierce opposition in Parliament, which blocked any legislation put forward by President Macron. Since his Rebirth party lost its absolute majority in Parliament, President Macron has failed to do anything, Ms Le Pen blasted.

Speaking to reporters, Marine Le Pen lambasted: “So, first of all, it is said that it is in the first 100 days that a mandate is impelled in a way.

“The least we can say is that we felt absolutely no impetus in these first 100 days of Emmanuel Macron.

“Almost nothing has happened.

“The only thing that has happened is this bill on purchasing power which was an obligation.”

“Emmanuel Macron could not do otherwise and we can see that he is far below the needs of our compatriots,” Marine Le Pen slashed.

“Because I believe that the autumn and winter will be extremely difficult for the French.

“So, this is a patch-up bill, a band-aid on a disease that is likely to be very deep and very painful.

“For the rest, nothing. Nothing, zero, void.”

President Macron saw his first 100 days in power rocked by scandals and failures. One of his ministers faced accusations of sexual assault a day after he took on the job.

The Stade de France was engulfed in chaos during the UEFA Champions League final in late May with Liverpool fans waiting for hours and police firing tear gas at them.

In mid-June, Emmanuel Macron loses his absolute majority in Parliament after the President failed to energise his base during the election campaign.

However, President Macron pulled off a victory on Wednesday. He passed an inflation bill through Parliament aimed at renationalising 100 percent of the shares of French energy company EDF and keeping the energy cap in place.

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The French President also came under fire over a controversial meeting with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince for dinner in Paris.

The dinner is part of Mohammed bin Salman’s first visit to Europe since the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 – the CIA concluded that Bin Salman ordered his assassination over criticism of his regime.

Opposition MP Adrien Quatennens denounced Emmanuel Macron’s policy attitude, which has not changed “an ounce,” he told French radio Europe 1.

“On the question of purchasing power, Emmanuel Macron has chosen. It is the French who will pay. On the other hand, to put those who have the most to contribute – for example, the great profiteers of the crisis, he called them that – certain large companies, that is not possible,” Mr Quatennens said.

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