Legacy of King Charles III’s name predicts ‘he won’t survive full monarchy rule’

People always say history repeats itself – which is a phrase that has left royal fans concerned over the name of the new King.

A bloke on TikTok asked if he would have to know the history of the first two monarchs named Charles to understand our new King — and some believe it is significant to know as they think it will point to how King Charles III will rule.

Anne, who posts on the app as @cest_du_chilli, replied to his video claiming that the history of the name was the reason "why everyone was so surprised that he chose to keep his birth name".

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In the video, which has gained more than 30,000 likes, Anne explained: "Yes, the answer is yes, because this guy [King Charles I] was a tyrant who was imprisoned for refusing a constitutional monarchy and was later executed for it.

"And this guy [King Charles II] who was his son spent all of two years as monarch, before he was exiled by defacto leader named Cromwell, he was later reinstated as King nine years later.

"But the important thing is the first two Charles' did not survive as monarchs. It'll be a shock to me if the third survives another full monarch rule."

She also clarified in the comments that she defines a "full monarch rule" as ruling until the day they die.

People in the comments claimed that the choice of regnal name was "unlucky", while also pointing out other legacies left behind by the former Kings.

One user wrote: "I was actually shocked he chose Charles III. Historically, not a…good… precedent."

Another quipped: "But Charlie was the King who brought back partying."

A third said: "They both… also dissolved parliament."

A fourth commented: "When I called my British parents the first thing they said was 'I wonder if he’ll keep his name? The other Charles' were a bit unlucky.'"

However, others refused to believe that King Charles III will follow suit with his predecessors as they wished the new sovereign the best for his reign.

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One user said: "Tbh, I think Charles the 3rd might surprise us. notably, with his actions against climate change. I'm willing to wait & see."

Another added: "Just because his name is Charles doesn’t mean he’s like the previous two."

A third pointed out: "But the second Charles did die on the throne."

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