Life of mumbling ‘Scarface’ shredded in Skoda and best mates with ‘Cannibal’

A Scarface-like gangster was shredded so badly that police arriving on the scene thought he had been shot in the head.

Steven "Bonzo" Daniel had his tongue shredded in the hit by a rival family. Doctors deemed the man "lucky to be alive", but he was unwilling to help police find those responsible, writing "f*ck off" when asked questions.

So bloody was the 37-year-old that police, upon arrival at the scene, believed he had been shot in the head. Bonzo was put into a medically induced coma after the attempt on his life and managed to walk out just days later.

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The disfigured gangster was kept under watchful eye during his months of recovery, though even round-the-clock police guard could not stop the ruthless criminal boss. He managed to send a note to watchful officers, telling them to "f**k off" with a note.

Underworld figure Daniel had been bloodied and brutalised after an attack in Glasgow city centre when he became trapped in his vehicle. Months of recovery and facial reconstruction later, and Daniel is back to full health.

He was recently spotted at Celtic's dominant performance over Rangers at their semi-final fixture for the Scottish Cup at Hampden Park. Bonzo was seen in the Rangers crowd alongside convicted rapist Spencer Mellors, also known as "Hannibal the Cannibal".

The disfigured and disgraced duo were spotted together in May, The Sun reported. Bonzo's disfigurement comes from a horror attack which left the man's face lined with cuts and nasty gashes.

Said attack was allegedly between the Daniel clan and the villainous Lyons crime family, with the ongoing rivalry spilling over and leaving Bonzo with severe injuries.

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Sources at the time say he had struggled to speak following the attack which left him "virtually destroyed" and "extremely lucky" to be alive. They said: "Bonzo’s injuries are so bad it’s almost impossible to recognise him.

"His face has been virtually destroyed in the attack. He’s extremely lucky to be alive. The only time he’s gone outside is to get to hospital appointments and he’s not had many visitors.

"His speech has been badly affected by the attack because of the damage to his mouth and tongue. All he can do now is mumble."

Following the attack, police orchestrated a series of raids on various alleged gang member homes.

A private room had been used for Daniel following his attack, with sparse visits from his family and friends reported at the time.

Daniel, who had been driving a Skoda Octavia at the time of his attack, found himself boxed in by a VW Golf and Audi on Craighill Road, Glasgow, at the time of his attack. Vehicles used in the attack were later found burned out.

Officers visited the addresses of associates of Daniel and of other disruption notices which were handed out at the time. One was quoted, saying: "They’ve even been going round people loosely connected to the gangs and telling them that their lives are in danger. Police have clearly been told they need to bring the violence to an end."

Martyn Fitzsimmons was charged in relation to the assault on Bonzo, and later appeared in the headlines for allegedly having sex with a prison guard in his cell. The feared criminal was named last year by The Sun.

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