Lucy Letby’s ‘extreme’ jail hell and sick child killers she’s locked up with

Baby killer Lucy Letby will spend the rest of her life behind bars alongside some of the most dangerous female criminals in the UK's history.

The ex-neonatal nurse was found guilty of murdering seven newborn babies and attempting to kill six others. She was jailed in August of this year.

Since her arrest in July 2018, Letby lived in four different prisons while awaiting her lengthy 10-month trial. Now she is locked up at a Category A Prison with a target allegedly on her head.

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The Mirror took a look at the dark experiences the serial killer will be expected to have in prison. Letby is expected to be sent to either HMP Bronzefield in Surrey, where she has already served jail time, HMP New Hall in Yorkshire or HMP Low Newton in Durham.

Experts believe Letby, 33, will be on suicide watch for several months before she's allowed to mix with her fellow inmates. It is also suspected she will mostly interact with prison officers "through the hatch in her cell door".

It is “extremely unlikely” Letby will ever be granted the perks some inmates are allowed such as day release. This means that when the time comes, she will not be able to attend the funeral of her parents, Susan and Jonathan Letby, according to chartered security professional James Bore.

Speaking to the publication, the director of family consultancy Bores said: "Any day release for parents' funerals, or anything else, would be based on a risk assessment. I find it extremely unlikely that any sort of temporary release would be granted – for her own safety as much as anything else. Currently, she's being segregated within Low Newton, again to prevent her from being attacked. Social media rumours saying that she's been attacked already are misinformation."

It is also believed that Letby will have 'restricted status' for an inmate, which is considered the female equivalent of Category A – meaning she is the highest-risk threat to the public. "She'll be what's known as a 'restricted status' prisoner," Mark Leech, a prisons expert and editor of The Prison Oracle website told the Telegraph.

"She'll be on suicide watch and it will be some time before she gets to mingle with the main prison population – at least six months." She may also receive extra care and attention if she is at HMP Low Newton, which boasts the 'Primrose Project' – designed to treat women with "dangerous and severe personality disorders".

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It is the only prison in the UK with such a unit. While Letby will be considered a threat to herself, she will be a possible target for others for the rest of her life. HMP Low Newton holds women aged 18 and as of April 2022, there were 242 prisoners living at the facility.

It has housed a number of notorious criminals over the years including sadistic killer Joanna Dennehy, who brutally stabbed three men to death within a chilling 10-day murder spree in 2013. Serial killer Rose West is a current inmate at HMP New Hall in West Yorkshire but had a stint in Low Newton.

West was convicted in 1995 of 10 murders after collaborating with her husband, Fred West. In time, it is expected that Letby would be integrated into groups, such as reading clubs or cooking classes, like Rose West, who is said to have become a star baker behind bars.

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Letby will be spending at least 22 hours a day inside her single cell – approximately 1.8 metres wide by three metres in length. Inside the cell, Letby will have a single bed, a storage unit, a chair, and a toilet.

She will, however, be able to speak to her family and receive visits, which will be vetted by police, though they will be few and far between. A convicted prisoner is usually allowed at least two one-hour visits every four weeks.

Letby won't be able to receive emails directly, but she can receive messages through the Email a Prisoner service. These are printed out and delivered by prison staff.

And when it comes to phone calls, she will only be able to speak to those named on her friends and family list. Later in life, it is expected for Letby to be moved to a lower-security prison to see out her final days before her death behind bars.

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