Madeleine McCann cops spoke to psychic and gave Portuguese police his report

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    Police hunting for Madeleine McCann in Germany spoke to a 'psychic detective' and passed the location where he thinks the missing girl is to authorities in Portugal.

    German clairvoyant Michael Schneider says he has solved at least 25 missing persons cases since he started aiding investigations on a voluntary basis in 2006.

    Explaining how he works, he previously told the Daily Star: "I look at a photo of the missing person or animal and ask myself to God whether the creature is dead or alive and get an answer through my inner voice that is almost always correct."

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    He then consults a map and comes up with a location.

    It has now emerged Hans Christian Wolters, the German prosecutor investigating Madeleine's disappearance, had conversations with Schneider.

    German outlet Die Zeit reported that Wolters admitted this in an email.

    So-called seer Schneider confirmed this to the Daily Star, adding that a "number of telephone calls" have taken place over the past few years.

    He claimed he told German authorities where he thought Madeleine was, and that this information was passed onto the relevant parties in Portugal.

    "The German authorities forwarded my information to the Portuguese, but as far as I know they have not received any feedback even after two years," he explained.

    He noted that it was he who approached Wolters regarding Madeleine, not the other way round, but claimed "in other cases, German and foreign authorities have often approached me".

    Schneider reckons he has pinpointed Madeleine to a location in the Algarve, Portugal, close to where she went missing. He said: "She is located in the Algarve in Odiaxere."

    That location is actually different to where he previously pinpointed. Schneider said he has "daily, monthly and yearly constitutions and I can always be wrong".

    It is not the first time Odiaxere has been named as a possible location where the missing youngster may be.

    Two months after she vanished Portuguese police probed an anonymous letter published in a Dutch newspaper that claimed Madeleine was in the village.

    Schneider claims to have solved various missing persons and missing animal cases.

    He previously provided coordinates for a woman who went missing in Padenstedt, Germany, in 2021, some 397 kilometres away from where he lived at the time.

    She was found just 235 metres from where he said, as reported by JV.

    He also pinpointed exactly where couple Peter Neumair, 63, and Laura Perselli, 68, were found after they vanished from their home in Bolzano, Italy, in January 2021.

    According to The Sun, he was able to help police locate another missing woman within 36 hours.

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