Man forces pregnant girlfriend to miscarry by putting abortion pills in vagina

A man forced his girlfriend to miscarry by putting three abortion pills in her vagina as they had sex.

Tamires Silva da Cruz, 32, woke up with cramps and bleeding on November 15 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

She then discovered the pills, but boyfriend Giuliano Augusto Trondoli Cunha told her they were “female viagra”.

Cunha urged Tamires to stay at home and take medication for stomach cramps, but she later miscarried in hospital.

The doctor who attended Tamires called the police and Cunha was arrested at the hospital.

He confessed to the crime at the police station.

Tamires said that she had been in an open relationship with Cunha since January and that they learned she was pregnant on September 14.

She told local media: "He came to my house on the same day, he spent three days talking about abortion, looking for a clinic, and about putting the child up for adoption.

"He talked about all of this, but from September 18, he apologised and said he was just nervous at the beginning."

Tamires wanted to have the child and was prepared to raise it on her own if necessary.

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However, she said Cunha quickly became "a great guy".

Tamires explained: “He did everything, he cooked, he took care of all the appointments, he went with me to all the tests, he even asked if he could choose the child's name. Until 15th November, when he killed my child.”

Cunha confessed that he was troubled that Cruz wanted to keep the baby so he bought the abortion pills on the internet.

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The crime for inducing an abortion without the pregnant woman's consent carries a three to 10-year prison sentence in Brazil.

Cunha was reportedly released on bail after paying 10,000 reals (£1,439).

He has been forbidden by the police from approaching Tamires or her acquaintances.

Cunha currently awaits trial.

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