Man on hospital bed sends internet into meltdown as he turns out to be a cake

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An image of a man smiling on a hospital bed has gone viral after it turned out the patient isn’t who they seem.

The man is in fact Slowthai and it's from his music video Feel Away.

But in a bizarre twist, he has a cake for a body and the image has resurfaced online.

Several months ago a bizarre trend of creating lifelike cakes swept the internet.

Pastry chefs, artisan cake makers and even novices flooded social media with images of life-like cakes.

One baker made a cake that looked like a burger, another a beer bottle and there was even a cake that looked exactly like a picnic.

Now, the cake of all cakes is sending Twitter into meltdown after the cake from the music video took off on Twitter.

In pictures of the mighty cake, the man can be seen smiling at the camera from the comfort of a hospital bed.

He appears to be in good spirits as medics work around him but on closer inspection, something isn't right.

The hospital workers are holding something, cake, and upon closer inspection it is revealed the man isn't being treated, he's a cake.

Two images of the creepy cake man's hand close up have also been shared to the social media platform.

One of the images shows his entire arm palm down on a hospital bed.

The next snap shows the same arm but cut up into 7 pieces of cake.

The images have sent the internet wild, with one person commenting: "This is so disturbing!!"

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Another commented on the cake baking process itself, stating: “Imagine walking past the oven and seeing the silhouette of a man baking.”

A third said: "Noooo way, nope, no no no, we’re not bringing this trend back to life."

While a fourth added: "This is amazing but horrifying!"

Other people were lost for words and instead of commenting, shared images of their favourite gifs from the Walking Dead, the gingerbread man in Shrek, and Jaws.

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